Jadwal Acara FOX Movie PREMIUM Desember 2015

30:20Star Trek2:10
 4:15Pearl Harbor3:05
 7:20Hunger Games: Catching Fire2:30
 9:50Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Pt 12:05
 13:30The Day The Earth Stood Still1:50
 15:20Mission: Impossible Ghost…2:15
 17:35Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith2:25
 20:00Lone Survivor2:05
 22:05Gallows Hill1:35
 23:40The Giver1:40
 3:10X-Men Origins: Wolverine1:55
 7:40Mission: Impossible Ghost…2:20
 10:00Love, Rosie1:45
 11:45Taken 31:55
 13:40Lone Survivor2:05
 15:45The Monuments Men2:05
 17:50Star Trek2:10
 20:00Star Wars: A New Hope2:10
 22:10The Day The Earth Stood Still1:50
50:00Lone Survivor2:05
 2:05Devil’s Due1:35
 3:40Search Party1:35
 5:15Last Vegas1:50
 7:0527 Dresses1:55
 9:00Midnight Sun1:45
 10:45The Day The Earth Stood Still1:50
 12:35Strange Magic1:45
 14:20Love, Rosie1:45
 16:05The Giver1:40
 17:45Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes2:15
 23:40Hunger Games: Catching Fire2:30
62:10Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Pt 12:05
 4:15The Monuments Men2:05
 6:20A Guy Thing1:45
 8:05Strange Magic1:45
 9:50Love, Rosie1:45
 11:35Star Wars: A New Hope2:10
 13:45Mortal Instruments: Bones2:15
 18:05Taken 31:55
 20:00The Maze Runner2:00
 22:00Lone Survivor2:05
70:05The Disappearance Of…: Him1:40
 1:45Anger Management1:50
 3:35Home Alone1:45
 5:20Pearl Harbor3:05
 8:25Strange Magic1:45
 10:10Last Vegas1:50
 14:00Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes2:15
 16:15The Maze Runner2:00
 18:15Love, Rosie1:45
 20:0022 Jump Street1:55
 21:55The Monuments Men2:05
 2:00Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes2:15
 4:15A Guy Thing1:45
 6:00Universal Soldier: The Return1:30
 7:30Beverly Hills Ninja1:30
 9:00Love, Rosie1:45
 12:30First Knight2:15
 14:4522 Jump Street1:55
 16:40I Love You, Beth Cooper1:45
 18:25Kung Fu Panda 21:35
 20:00A Walk Among The Tombstone1:55
 1:35Beverly Hills Ninja1:30
 3:05Gallows Hill1:35
 4:40A Guy Thing1:45
 6:25Home Alone1:45
 8:10Kung Fu Panda 21:35
 9:45A Walk Among The Tombstone2:00
 14:20Lone Survivor2:05
 16:25When In Rome1:35
 18:00The Maze Runner2:00
 21:4522 Jump Street1:55
 23:40A Walk Among The Tombstone1:55
 5:25Taken 31:55
 7:20Kung Fu Panda 21:35
 8:55When In Rome1:35
 10:30Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes2:15
 14:30Are We Officially Dating?1:40
 16:10Black Nativity1:40
 17:50Star Wars: A New Hope2:10
 22:40Let’s Be Cops1:50
110:30The Maze Runner2:00
 2:30Vampire Academy1:50
 4:20Search Party1:40
 6:00A Walk Among The Tombstone1:55
 7:55Strange Magic1:45
 9:40Let’s Be Cops1:45
 20:00Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back2:10
 22:10The Drop1:50
 2:05The Cable Guy1:40
 5:55Are You Here1:55
 7:50Black Nativity1:40
 9:30I Love You, Beth Cooper1:45
 11:15Beverly Hills Ninja1:35
 12:50Jingle All The Way 21:40
 14:30Playing It Cool1:35
 16:05The Maze Runner2:00
 18:0522 Jump Street1:55
 23:35Mortal Instruments: Bones2:15
131:50Playing It Cool1:35
 3:25The Monuments Men2:05
 5:3022 Jump Street1:55
 7:25Jingle All The Way 21:40
 9:05Enchanted Kingdom1:40
 10:45Kung Fu Panda 21:35
 12:20Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back2:10
 16:20Night At Museum: Battle Of…1:50
 18:10Let’s Be Cops1:50
 20:00Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies2:30
 22:30A Walk Among The Tombstone1:55
 2:30The Disappearance Of…: Her1:50
 4:20Are You Here2:00
 6:20Night At Museum: Battle Of…1:50
 10:00The Cable Guy1:40
 11:40The Monuments Men2:05
 18:10Meet The Parents1:50
 20:00Meet The Fockers1:55
 21:55Harbinger Down1:30
 3:00Night At Museum: Battle Of…1:50
 4:50The International2:00
 6:50Enchanted Kingdom1:40
 8:30Taken 31:55
 10:25Meet The Parents1:55
 12:20Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies2:30
 14:50The Giver1:45
 18:25Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa1:35
 20:00Angels & Demons2:25
 22:25Fright Night1:50
160:15Mortal Instruments: Bones2:15
 2:30Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies2:30
 5:00The Cable Guy1:40
 6:40Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa1:35
 8:15Jingle All The Way 21:40
 11:45Fright Night1:50
 13:35Angels & Demons2:25
 18:05Taken 31:55
 20:00Bad Teacher1:35
 21:35Max Payne1:45
 23:20Angels & Demons2:20
171:40Harbinger Down1:30
 3:10The International2:00
 5:10Enchanted Kingdom1:40
 6:50The Giver1:40
 8:30The Monuments Men2:05
 12:40Max Payne1:45
 16:15Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa1:35
 17:50Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back2:10
 21:40Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies2:25
180:05Meet The Parents1:50
 1:55Bad Teacher1:35
 3:30Big Daddy1:35
 5:05The Bounty Hunter1:55
 7:00Taken 31:55
 8:55The Drop1:50
 10:45Mortal Instruments: Bones2:15
 14:40Jingle All The Way 21:40
 16:20Night At Museum: Battle Of…1:50
 18:10The Day The Earth Stood Still1:50
 20:00Star Wars: Return Of Jedi2:20
 22:20The International2:00
190:20Max Payne1:45
 2:05The Giver1:40
 3:45Meet The Parents1:50
 5:35The Book Of Eli2:00
 7:35Angels & Demons2:20
 9:55Home Alone 2: Lost In New York2:05
 12:00Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies2:30
 14:30Taken 31:55
 16:25Are You Here1:55
 20:00Kingsman: The Secret Service2:15
 22:15Star Trek2:10
200:25Taken 31:55
 2:20Mortal Instruments: Bones2:10
 4:30Home Alone 2: Lost In New York2:05
 6:35Meet The Fockers1:55
 8:30Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa1:35
 10:05The Bounty Hunter1:55
 12:00Star Wars: Return Of Jedi2:20
 14:20Night At Museum: Secret Of…1:35
 15:55Kingsman: The Secret Service2:15
 22:25Bad Teacher1:35
210:00Lone Survivor2:05
 2:05The Disappearance Of…: Them2:05
 4:10The Grand Budapest Hotel1:45
 5:55The Bounty Hunter1:55
 9:55Max Payne1:45
 11:40Kingsman: The Secret Service2:15
 13:55A Walk Among The Tombstone1:55
 18:15Murder Of A Cat1:45
 22:05X-Men Origins: Wolverine1:55
220:00Star Trek2:10
 2:10Kingsman: The Secret Service2:15
 4:25Dude, Where’s My Car?1:30
 8:00When In Rome1:35
 9:35A Walk Among The Tombstone1:55
 11:30Murder Of A Cat1:45
 13:15Night At Museum: Secret Of…1:30
 14:4527 Dresses1:55
 16:40The Day The Earth Stood Still1:50
 18:30Ice Age1:30
 20:00Spider-Man 22:10
 22:10The Book Of Eli2:00
230:10Kingsman: The Secret Service2:15
 2:25Lone Survivor2:05
 4:30Hot Shots! Part Deux1:35
 6:05Spider-Man 22:10
 8:15Kingsman: The Secret Service2:15
 10:30Vampire Academy1:50
 12:20The Smurfs1:50
 14:10X-Men Origins: Wolverine1:55
 17:45McFarland, USA2:15
 20:00Kung Fu Panda 21:35
240:00The Day The Earth Stood Still1:50
 1:50The Grand Budapest Hotel1:45
 3:35A Walk Among The Tombstone1:55
 5:30Dude, Where’s My Car?1:30
 7:00Black Nativity1:40
 8:40Jingle All The Way 21:40
 12:25Alexander & Terrible…1:25
 13:50Kung Fu Panda 21:35
 15:25Kingsman: The Secret Service2:15
 17:40Star Wars: Return Of Jedi2:20
 20:00Big Hero 61:50
 23:40X-Men Origins: Wolverine1:50
251:30McFarland, USA2:15
 3:45Kung Fu Panda 21:35
 5:20Home Alone1:45
 7:05Home Alone 2: Lost In New York2:05
 9:10The Smurfs1:50
 11:00Spider-Man 22:10
 15:00Big Hero 61:50
 16:50Night At Museum: Secret Of…1:35
 18:25Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa1:35
 20:00Penguins Of Madagascar1:35
 21:35McFarland, USA2:15
 23:50When In Rome1:35
261:25Kingsman: The Secret Service2:10
 3:35Murder Of A Cat1:40
 5:15Jingle All The Way 21:40
 6:55Strange Magic1:40
 8:35How To Train Your Dragon1:45
 10:20Alexander & Terrible…1:25
 11:45Penguins Of Madagascar1:35
 17:50Spider-Man 22:10
 20:00Gulliver’s Travels1:30
 21:3022 Jump Street1:55
271:2527 Dresses1:55
 3:20Jingle All The Way 21:40
 5:00Home Alone 2: Lost In New York2:05
 7:05Penguins Of Madagascar1:35
 12:55Big Hero 61:45
 14:40Gulliver’s Travels1:30
 16:10Kung Fu Panda 21:35
 17:45McFarland, USA2:15
 20:00Real Steel2:10
 22:10Kingsman: The Secret Service2:15
 2:15Black Nativity1:40
 3:55I Love You, Beth Cooper1:45
 5:4027 Dresses1:55
 7:35Strange Magic1:45
 9:20Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa1:35
 13:00Real Steel2:10
 15:10Penguins Of Madagascar1:35
 16:45Gulliver’s Travels1:30
 20:00White Chicks1:55
 21:55Dead Rising: Watchtower2:00
 23:55Bad Teacher1:35
291:30Dude, Where’s My Car?1:30
 3:00Alexander & Terrible…1:25
 4:25Playing It Cool1:35
 6:00Penguins Of Madagascar1:35
 7:35How To Train Your Dragon1:45
 9:20Jingle All The Way 21:40
 12:45White Chicks1:55
 14:40Meet The Parents1:50
 16:30The Smurfs1:50
 18:20Ice Age 3: Dawn Of Dinosaurs1:40
 20:00The Taking Of Pelham 1231:50
300:30Gulliver’s Travels1:30
 2:00Bad Teacher1:35
 3:35Real Steel2:10
 5:45Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies2:30
 8:15Ice Age 3: Dawn Of Dinosaurs1:40
 11:45Strange Magic1:45
 13:30Meet The Fockers1:55
 15:25Angels & Demons2:25
 17:50Real Steel2:10
 20:00Hot Tub Time Machine 21:35
311:00Playing It Cool1:35
 2:35White Chicks1:55
 4:30Enchanted Kingdom1:40
 6:10Home Alone 2: Lost In New York2:05
 8:15Angels & Demons2:20
 14:55Gulliver’s Travels1:30
 16:25Penguins Of Madagascar1:40
 18:0522 Jump Street1:55
 20:00Guardians Of The Galaxy2:05
 22:05Star Trek2:10