Jadwal Acara Celestial Movie Desember 2015

31:25Ken & Mary1:30
 2:55The Constable1:45
 4:40Break Up Artist1:30
 6:10Once A Gangster1:45
 7:55The Sorcerer & White Snake1:45
 9:40Twins Mission1:45
 11:25The Bullet Vanishes1:50
 13:15Let Go For Love1:35
 18:20From Vegas To Macau1:40
 21:45What Women Want2:00
 23:45The Loan Shark1:45
41:30Campus Confidential1:45
 5:00Ripples Of Desire2:05
 7:05The Road2:00
 9:05The Swordman Dream1:45
 12:25Shadows Of Love1:35
 14:00Overheard 32:15
 16:15My Ex-Wife’s Wedding1:40
 17:55Silent Witness2:05
 20:00Urban Games1:35
 21:35Royal Tramp1:55
 23:30My Lucky Star1:55
51:25Dot 2 Dot1:40
 3:05Elixir Of Love1:50
 4:55Trap Street1:40
 6:35Royal Tramp1:55
 8:30Purple Storm1:55
 10:25The Storm Riders2:15
 12:40If You Are The One2:10
 14:50The Journey1:45
 16:35Sweet Alibis1:50
 18:25Forbidden City Cop1:35
 20:00Triumph In The Skies1:45
 21:45Christmas Rose1:35
 23:20Once Upon A Time In Shanghai1:45
61:05Go Lala Go!1:55
 3:00Men Suddenly In Love1:30
 6:30Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 21:55
 8:25The Fantastic Water Babes1:35
 10:00Forbidden City Cop1:35
 11:35From Vegas To Macau1:40
 13:15A Fantastic Ghost Wedding1:45
 15:00Holding Love1:45
 16:45Beauty And The Breast1:40
 18:25The Sniper1:35
 20:00Dangerous Liaisons2:15
 22:15Just Follow Law2:00
70:15Lady Cop And Papa Crook1:35
 1:50But Always1:50
 3:40Lucky Star 20151:30
 5:10Mr. & Mrs. Player1:30
 8:10That Girl In Pinafore2:05
 10:15Kung Fu Jungle1:50
 12:05The Crossing, Pt 12:15
 14:20Okinawa Rendez-Vous1:45
 16:05Taxi! Taxi!1:40
 17:45Blind Detective2:15
 20:003X Trouble1:45
 21:45Police Story1:45
 23:30Curse Of The Deserted1:40
81:10Yesterday Once More1:45
 2:55The Taking Of Tiger Mountain2:25
 5:20Okinawa Rendez-Vous1:45
 7:05Bruce Lee, My Brother2:15
 9:20The Exodus1:40
 11:00Almost Perfect1:40
 12:40The Last Tycoon2:00
 14:40Police Story1:45
 16:25Don’t Go Breaking My Heart2:00
 18:25Angel Whispers1:35
 20:00Black & White: Dawn Of Justice2:15
 22:15Marrying Mr. Perfect1:40
 23:55Runway Cop2:00
91:55Great Day1:40
 5:20The Four 31:55
 7:15Little Big Master1:55
 9:10The Sailfish1:45
 10:55Once Upon A Time In Shanghai1:45
 12:40Look For A Star2:00
 16:35Royal Tramp II1:40
 18:15Love In Disguise1:45
 20:00Treasure Hunt1:45
 21:45Dangerous Liaisons2:15
100:00So Young2:15
 2:15Saving Mother Robot1:30
 3:45Overheard 32:15
 6:00Royal Tramp II1:40
 7:40Library Wars2:10
 9:50Men Suddenly In Love1:30
 11:20Fairy Tale Killer1:40
 13:00Mr. & Mrs. Single1:50
 14:50May We Chat1:40
 16:30Police Story 3: Super Cop1:45
 18:15Fall In Love1:45
 21:40Fat Choi Spirit1:45
 23:25The Monkey King2:05
111:30Police Story 3: Super Cop1:45
 3:15Once Upon A Time In Tibet1:50
 5:05Zone Pro Site: Moveable Feast2:35
 7:40The Dream Boyz1:45
 9:25Fat Choi Spirit1:45
 11:10-197C Murder1:40
 14:50SDU: Special Duties Unit1:20
 16:10As The Light Goes Out2:05
 18:15East Meets West 20111:45
 20:00A Chinese Ghost Story1:50
 21:50Lock Me Up Tie Him Down1:40
 23:30Police Story 20131:55
121:25Treasure Inn1:40
 3:05Lover’s Discourse2:05
 5:10God Of Gamblers, Pt 32:05
 7:156:00 AM1:35
 8:50Initial D1:55
 10:45Dangerous Liaisons2:15
 13:00Hooked On You1:40
 14:40Twins Mission1:45
 16:25The Swordman Dream1:45
 18:10Break Up 1001:50
 20:00Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 21:55
 21:55Flirting In The Air1:35
 23:30Detective Dee & Mystery Of…2:10
131:40Three Of A Kind1:45
 5:05My Ex-Wife’s Wedding1:40
 6:45White Haired Witch Of Lunar…1:45
 8:30A Beautiful Life2:05
 10:35Two Thumbs Up1:50
 12:25Christmas Rose1:35
 14:00Three Of A Kind1:45
 15:45What Women Want2:00
 17:45The White Storm2:15
 20:00Somewhere Only We Know1:55
 21:55The Guillotines1:55
 23:50Mr. & Mrs. Gambler1:45
141:35God Of Gamblers 21:50
 3:25Gao Xing1:55
 5:20The Last Supper2:00
 7:20Let The Bullets Fly2:20
 9:40My Dog Dou Dou1:45
 13:10The Fantastic Water Babes1:35
 14:45God Of Gamblers 21:50
 16:35Campus Confidential1:45
 18:20The Guardsman1:40
 20:00Double Trouble1:35
 21:35Dot 2 Dot1:40
 23:15Fly With The Gold2:20
151:35Shadows Of Love1:35
 3:10Reign Of Assassins2:10
 5:20Impetuous Love In Action1:55
 7:15Ken & Mary1:30
 8:45Life Without Principle1:50
 10:35Police Story 3: Super Cop1:45
 14:00Flirting Scholar 21:50
 15:502000 A.D.1:45
 17:35The Taking Of Tiger Mountain2:25
 21:30That Girl In Pinafore2:05
161:30The Road2:00
 3:30Silent Witness2:05
 5:35Magic To Win1:45
 7:20From Vegas To Macau1:40
 9:00The Loan Shark1:45
 10:45The Midas Touch1:45
 12:30Just Follow Law2:00
 14:30Ashes Of Time Redux1:40
 18:10My Sassy Hubby1:50
 20:00Princess & 7 Kung Fu Masters1:40
 21:40Somewhere Only We Know1:55
 23:35As The Light Goes Out2:05
171:40The Last Tycoon2:00
 3:40May We Chat1:40
 5:20Fire Of Conscience1:50
 7:10S For Sex S For Secret1:35
 8:45Saving Mother Robot1:30
 10:15Black & White: Dawn Of Justice2:15
 12:30Romancing In Thin Air1:55
 14:25Dangerous Liaisons2:15
 16:40Treasure Hunt1:45
 18:25Lady Cop And Papa Crook1:35
 20:00Zu: Warriors From Magic…1:45
 21:45Trap Street1:40
 23:25Mr. & Mrs. Player1:30
180:55The Attractive One1:35
 2:30The Exodus1:40
 4:10Beauty And The Breast1:40
 5:50Angel Whispers1:35
 7:25Tricky Brains1:50
 9:15Zu: Warriors From Magic…1:45
 11:00The Attractive One1:35
 14:25The Magic Kitchen1:50
 18:15Holding Love1:45
 20:00A Fantastic Ghost Wedding1:45
 21:45Once A Gangster1:45
 23:30The Stool Pigeon2:00
 3:15Angry Kid1:40
 4:55Lock Me Up Tie Him Down1:40
 10:10Somewhere Only We Know1:55
 12:05Dog Bite Dog1:50
 15:403X Trouble1:45
 17:25Zone Pro Site: Moveable Feast2:35
 20:00The Crossing, Pt 12:15
 22:15Scheme With Me1:45
200:00Ip Man1:50
 1:50When Fortune Smiles1:40
 3:30Let Go For Love1:35
 6:45SDU: Special Duties Unit1:20
 8:05Marrying Mr. Perfect1:40
 9:45From Vegas To Macau 21:55
 11:40When Fortune Smiles1:40
 13:20Ken & Mary1:30
 14:50A Chinese Ghost Story1:50
 16:40Urban Games1:35
 18:15My Kingdom1:45
 20:00I Sell Love1:45
 21:45Fall in Love1:45
 23:30The Storm Riders2:15
 3:25God Of Gamblers, Pt 32:05
 5:30Once Upon A Time In Shanghai1:45
 7:15The Great Magician2:10
 9:25Break Up Artist1:30
 10:55God Of Gamblers, Pt 32:05
 13:00Triumph In The Skies1:45
 16:20The Constable1:45
 18:05Impetuous Love In Action1:55
 21:45Fairy Tale Killer1:40
 23:25Lover’s Discourse2:05
221:30Black Comedy1:45
 3:15Black & White: Dawn Of Justice2:15
 7:05Mr. & Mrs. Single1:50
 8:55Fly With The Gold2:20
 11:15The Guardsman1:40
 12:55Curse Of The Deserted1:40
 14:35The Dream Boyz1:45
 16:20Library Wars2:10
 18:30Men Suddenly In Love1:30
 20:00My Lucky Star1:55
 21:55Initial D1:55
 23:50The Swordman Dream1:45
231:35Hooked On You1:40
 3:15The Sniper1:35
 4:50All About Women2:05
 6:55My Old Classmate1:45
 8:40Treasure Inn1:40
 10:20Overheard 32:15
 12:35The Last Supper2:00
 14:35Great Day1:40
 16:15A Beautiful Life2:05
 18:20-197C Murder1:40
 20:00Twins Mission1:45
 21:45I Sell Love1:45
 23:30Forbidden City Cop1:35
241:05East Meets West 20111:45
 4:50If You Are The One2:10
 7:002000 A.D.1:45
 8:45Run Papa Run2:00
 10:45Detective Dee & Mystery Of…2:10
 12:55Break Up 1001:50
 14:45The Sailfish1:45
 16:30Forbidden City Cop1:35
 18:05Somewhere Only We Know1:55
 20:00Kung Fu Jungle1:50
 21:50Lucky Star 20151:30
 23:20Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 21:55
251:15The Guillotines1:55
 3:10The Midas Touch1:45
 4:55Young & Dangerous: Reloaded1:45
 6:40Adventure Of The King1:55
 10:35The Four 31:55
 12:30The White Storm2:15
 14:45Flirting In The Air1:35
 16:20Little Big Master1:55
 20:00Dangerous Liaisons2:15
 22:15The Sorcerer & White Snake1:45
260:00The Way We Dance1:55
 1:55Taxi! Taxi!1:40
 3:35The Bullet Vanishes1:50
 5:25A Secret Between Us1:40
 7:05My Sassy Hubby1:50
 8:55Naked Soldier1:35
 10:30I Sell Love1:45
 12:15The Monkey King2:05
 14:20Black & White: Dawn Of Justice2:15
 16:35Sixty Million Dollar Man1:35
 18:10Two Thumbs Up1:50
 20:00But Always1:50
 21:50White Haired Witch Of Lunar…1:45
 23:35Blind Detective2:15
271:50Golden Brother1:50
 3:40Treasure Hunt1:45
 5:25Sixty Million Dollar Man1:35
 7:00Angry Kid1:40
 8:40Romancing In Thin Air1:55
 10:35Reign Of Assassins2:10
 12:45Mr. & Mrs. Player1:30
 14:15Ip Man1:50
 18:00The Last Tycoon2:00
 20:00Emperor’s Holidays1:55
 21:55The Dream Boyz1:50
 23:45Sweet Alibis1:50
281:35The Magic Kitchen1:50
 3:25Ashes Of Time Redux1:40
 5:05May We Chat1:40
 6:45A Chinese Ghost Story1:50
 8:35Silent Witness2:05
 10:40The Guillotines1:55
 14:20Runway Cop2:00
 16:20Elixir Of Love1:50
 20:00The Stool Pigeon2:00
 22:00Police Story II2:05
290:05Life Without Principle1:50
 1:55Purple Storm1:55
 3:50What Women Want2:00
 7:45Police Story II2:05
 9:50Mr. & Mrs. Gambler1:45
 11:35My Kingdom1:45
 13:20Zone Pro Site: Moveable Feast2:35
 15:55Police Story 20131:55
 17:50The Great Magician2:10
 20:00The Journey1:45
 21:45God Of Gamblers 21:50
 23:35If You Are The One2:10
301:45Love In Disguise1:45
 3:30Let The Bullets Fly2:20
 5:50Almost Perfect1:40
 7:30Break Up 1001:50
 9:20God Of Gamblers 21:50
 11:10Gao Xing1:50
 13:00Yesterday Once More1:45
 16:306:00 AM1:35
 18:05Go Lala Go!1:55
 21:30Ripples Of Desire2:05
 23:35Once Upon A Time In Tibet1:50
311:25Flirting Scholar 21:50
 3:15Don’t Go Breaking My Heart2:00
 5:15Fly With The Gold2:20
 7:35Dog Bite Dog1:50
 9:25My Lucky Star1:55
 11:20SDU: Special Duties Unit1:20
 12:40Scheme With Me1:45
 14:25I Sell Love1:45
 16:10The Fox Lover2:15
 20:00From Vegas To Macau1:55
 21:55Emperor’s Holidays1:40
 23:35Two Thumbs Up1:50